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Understanding and operationalizing eCommerce is one of the biggest challenges for companies as they evolve from approaching eCommerce as a separate channel (Amazon) to developing omnichannel and total Commerce mindsets.  The landscape is continually changing with too few hard metrics to plot a course.  As a fractional eCommerce leader, I help bring clarity.  

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eCommerce Strategy

We’ll start with identifying how eCommerce fits in the overall Commerce strategy, then work cross-functionally to develop plans to meet growth objectives.  Determining key performance metrics and accountabilities will help operationalize eCommerce across the company.

Develop the roadmap to evolve technologies and other capabilities

Capability Advancement

We’ll start with a discussion about the role of eCommerce, how content is managed, pain points, and priority areas for growth.  Then we’ll examine how your products are showing up across key retailer sites.  After the assessment, I’ll provide actionable recommendations based on proven industry best practices.  We’ll then work to develop a plan and execute it together.

Advertising new food products, getting products on online grocery retailers shelves.

Key Performance Metrics

Effectively managing performance across retailers requires establishing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards and ownership. Tying these KPIs to sales will help determine how to accelerate growth.

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Let’s master eCommerce together.